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Keith Besherse Of Minuteman Press - Puyallup: How To Locate The Best Local Print Service; Finding a Great Local Printer

Finding a Great Local Print Shop, Commercial Printer, Printing

Searching for a great print shop can be challenging. You need a highly capable print shop that is close-by, with great designers, and exceptional expertise.

Here are a few tips for finding a great printer.

TIP # 1         Are they local? The on-line print providers use web-to-print technology with no human in the loop. The customer is responsible for all mistakes in design and cannot talk to the production staff.

TIP #2          Do they have the most current production press technologies? The state of the art equipment currently available means even on short runs of just a few hundred pieces, a well-equipped shop can guarantee image quality and color consistency that just a few years ago could only come from the largest print plants with production runs over 10,000 pieces.

TIP #3          Are they engaged in your community? Unless they are active in your area they cannot know your local market and local customs. You want someone who shares your concerns for creating a great community.

TIP #4          Do they know your audience and your message?  You want to make sure that you are choosing a marketing professional who can spend the time with you to truly understand what message you are trying to convey and who you are trying to convey it to.

Our expertise is high quality print that looks like it came from a big production print plant; but in short runs tailored to the needs of small businesses and small non-profits.

We focus on helping clients communicate clearly using the print medium to support their advertising, social media, and on-line image.

To learn more, email puyallup@minutemanpress.com or call us at 253-841-3161 to schedule a one-to-one marketing consultation.

Keith Besherse Of Minuteman Press - Puyallup: How To Locate The Best Local Print Service;  Finding a Great Local Print Shop (https://youtu.be/JGzVw8m3Zy4)

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