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Tips for finding a great printer.
TIP # 1 Are they local?
TIP #2 Do they have the right technologies?
TIP #3 Are they engaged in the community?
TIP #4 Do they know you?

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Consistency Is Key

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quality control matters

I  had to be in commercial printing for three months before I knew why I was a printer in the 21st Century

I agreed to join the team. I went to the Minuteman printing school. I was working in the business. But I still didn’t know why I was there. 

Then this print job came across our desk. I asked  my team, “Who is St Francis House, what do they do?” 

You know what a food bank is ... St Francis House is basically a clothing bank. Their mission is to prevent family homelessness.

Once I understood what they do and HOW they do it ... “THAT is important.”

Which makes this thank you card from Sister Pat important. 

What each of you does is important. That makes quality control and brand consistency on the little bit of printing you do ... important.

You need print materials that look as amazing as the products and ideas they represent.

The problem is, web-to-print “services” might be cheap; but they push all the risk on their customers. They have poor quality control based on a “keep the machines running, get product out the door” mentality using multiple production lines in separate factories which aren’t calibrated uniformly. This results in inconsistent color and finish in the final product.

You cannot put marketing materials in front of a potential customer which don’t make you look as amazing as you truly are.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a print provider who takes quality control seriously.

At Minuteman Press in Puyallup we catch errors in grammar, spelling, brand color, and finish every single day.

We will gladly dump any job in the recycle bin and start over before we will give you something we aren’t proud of or that we aren’t absolutely certain will meet the same high standards you hold for yourself and your products

Without the personal touch provided by the Puyallup Minuteman Press, you risk buying marketing materials you are embarrassed to show even to your mom.

If you trust us with your printing, you can be sure your marketing materials will reflect the high standards of the products they represent.

Instead of being anxious about the image your printing is presenting; you can be confident that your customers are FEELING the value of your AMAZING products and services.

I am Keith Besherse. I’m the bald guy. at Minuteman Press. in Puyallup

What They Say About Us ... makes us blush!

Wade S.

The folks at Minuteman are a great help to us. We had some fairly short deadlines and I'd figured we were just going to have to be late, but they really came through for us. Thank you!!!

Kelli B.

This company is awesome. The girls were very nice and my order was done in 2 days. Definitely will be using them again.

Rhonda N.

I'm not sure I've known any business to be so involved in the supporting and uplifting the community. Keith truly values people as individuals, not another sale or job, like so many other providers do. I appreciate that he promotes the creatives in the local Puyallup area for work. He's a true team player!